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Ceramic coatings


Machinefabriek Saedt is an absolute expert when it comes to ceramic coatings. For over 15 years they have successfully battled corrosion and erosion with the ceramic coatings of ARC (Advanced Reinforced Composites). Machinefabriek Saedt is the exclusive representative of ARC ceramic coatings for the Noord-Holland and Utrecht provinces in the Netherlands and has a Chesterton Qualified ARC workshop.

The ARC coatings are successfully applied in and on rotating equipment. The services can also be carried out on location if desired. Machinefabriek Saedt is one of the few companies in the Netherlands who are able to machine the ceramic coatings after being applicated. 

After application of the ARC coatings the lifespan of the treated parts is extended significantly, in many cases the efficiency of centrifugal pumps also increases. in time this can lead to substantial energy savings. The coatings are solvent-free, highly wear-resistant and have an unrivalled adhesion and chemical resistance.

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